April 29, 2011

Tea Party

After a long day I was sitting on the couch watching television and Sammi came into the room and sat next to me.

Sammi:  “Whatchu doing Daddy?”

Me:  “Watching TV.”

Sammi:  “Can we have a tea party with my stuffed animals?”

Me:  “Not right now honey.”

Sammi:  “Why not?”

Me:  “Sweetie, Daddy had a long day and just wants to sit here and watch TV.”

Sammi (sighing):  “When I grow up and move away, will you be able to come over and have tea parties with me?”

A few minutes later, the television was off and my beautiful daughter and I sat around a table with several stuffed animals, sipping tea with our pinkies out, speaking in our worst English accents and having the time of our lives. 

Was I manipulated – yes.  Do I care – absolutely not. 

April 22, 2011

I Missed You!

Sammi:  “Good morning Daddy. I missed you!”

Me:  “I just saw you last night when I tucked you in.”

Sammi:  “Yeah but that was so long ago…”

April 21, 2011


I took Sammi to her Girl Scout meeting one night and was standing next to several Moms when Sammi said in a very loud voice, “If my dad asks you if you smell blueberries, don’t sniff because that means he farted!”

April 19, 2011


Sammi just got a pet hermit crab that she named George.

Sammi:  “Daddy, I love George soooo much.  He is the cutest crab in the whole world!  I’m going to love him forever and ever!”

After about 15 minutes of the crab doing nothing.

Sammi:  “When George dies, can I get a hamster?”

April 18, 2011

The 'Love List"

Sammi:  “Daddy, you’re number 3 on my ‘love list’.”

Me:  “That’s great, but who’s ahead of me?”

Sammi:  “Well, Lauren (her baby cousin) is number one, then Hunter (our dog), then you.  Oops, I forgot – Grandpa is number 3, then Smokey (our cat).  Nevermind.  You can be on my funny list though - but Uncle Chad is already number one on that list…”

April 15, 2011


One night after refusing to eat her dinner.

Sammi:  “I only like Grandma’s cooking.”

Me:  “You know, Grandma is the person who taught me to cook.”

Sammi:  “You should have listened better then.”


Sammi:  “The next time you come to my school to have lunch with me, can you bring Burger King?”

Me:  “Honey, I don’t eat fast food anymore because it makes me fat.”

Sammi paused, looked at me with her big brown eyes and then reached up, patted my tummy and said,  “It’s not working.”



My 6 year old daughter Samantha (Sammi) is the most honest person I know and always tells me the truth – no matter how much I don’t want to hear it

I've been writing down some of the things she says that strike me funny or touching for a while now and have decided to start sharing them on this blog.  Hopefully you'll be as entertained by the wisdom of my little girl as I have been over the years.... 

Feel free to comment on my posts - I welcome your opinions.  You're welcome to share stuff your own kids say as well.  Also, please share this page with your friends and family (there are 'share' buttons after every post).


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