April 29, 2011

Tea Party

After a long day I was sitting on the couch watching television and Sammi came into the room and sat next to me.

Sammi:  “Whatchu doing Daddy?”

Me:  “Watching TV.”

Sammi:  “Can we have a tea party with my stuffed animals?”

Me:  “Not right now honey.”

Sammi:  “Why not?”

Me:  “Sweetie, Daddy had a long day and just wants to sit here and watch TV.”

Sammi (sighing):  “When I grow up and move away, will you be able to come over and have tea parties with me?”

A few minutes later, the television was off and my beautiful daughter and I sat around a table with several stuffed animals, sipping tea with our pinkies out, speaking in our worst English accents and having the time of our lives. 

Was I manipulated – yes.  Do I care – absolutely not. 

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