April 15, 2011



My 6 year old daughter Samantha (Sammi) is the most honest person I know and always tells me the truth – no matter how much I don’t want to hear it

I've been writing down some of the things she says that strike me funny or touching for a while now and have decided to start sharing them on this blog.  Hopefully you'll be as entertained by the wisdom of my little girl as I have been over the years.... 

Feel free to comment on my posts - I welcome your opinions.  You're welcome to share stuff your own kids say as well.  Also, please share this page with your friends and family (there are 'share' buttons after every post).



  1. I've enjoyed reading ALL of your Sammi posts very much. I think your Sammi and my Clementine would really like one another.

  2. I discovered your blog and HAD to read the entire thing, it was great, looking forward to more!


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