May 25, 2011


Sammi:  “Daddy, I think Santa Claus shops at Wal-Mart because this has a Wal-Mart price tag on it…”

May 23, 2011

Frozen Pizza

Sammi:  “What’s for dinner Daddy?”

Me:  “I think we're just going to have frozen pizza.”

Sammi paused for a few minutes.

Sammi:  “Can I have mine cooked?”

May 17, 2011

The 'Queen of Fashion'

My kids and I were getting ready to go out for dinner when Sammi came into the living room wearing her pink and black pirate dress (from an old Halloween costume) and purple socks.

Me:  "I thought I told you to get ready to go?"

Sammi:  "I am ready to go."

Me:  "Take off that costume and put on the clothes I gave you so we can get to the restaurant."

Sammi:  "The clothes you gave me are too boring.  I am the 'Queen of Fashion' and I love this dress."

Me:  "Sammi..."

Sammi:  "Are you the 'Queen of Fashion'?  No.  I am the 'Queen of Fashion', and I think this dress is beautiful."  As she said this, she performed a pirouette in the middle of the room and then walked out of the living room as if to tell me that the 'Queen' is done listening to a mere commoner try to tell her what to wear.

Later on that evening, my sons and I accompanied the 'Queen of Fashion' (all decked out in her pirate dress, her purple socks, and her light-up, bejeweled sneakers) to the restaurant for dinner.

May 16, 2011

More Tattling...

Sammi:  "Daddy, Connor isn't cleaning his room..."

Me:  "Honey, what did I say about tattling?"

Sammi:  "I wasn't tattling on him, I was telling on him."

May 9, 2011


I’ve been getting on my kids about tattling on each other.  One day after I heard screaming from the basement, Sammi ran upstairs with tears in her eyes.

Sammi:  “Daddy, Connor was gonna tell on me!”

Me:  “So... you’re telling on him because he was going to tell on you first?”

Sammi:  “Well you told us not to tattle so much and after I hit him, he said he was gonna tell!!!”


Sammi:  "I think I look a lot like you Daddy."

Me:  "Do you really?"

Sammi:  "Yep.  Except for your big mouth..."

May 4, 2011


Sammi:  “I love laying on you Daddy because your tummy is squishy like a pillow.”

May 2, 2011

Food Critic

Me:  “Did you like you dinner?”

Sammi:  “I loved it!  I guess you only make disgusting food some of the time.”
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