June 29, 2011

My Daughter the Comedian

One night, Sammi was taking her nightly bath while I sat in the next room reading.

Sammi (screaming suddenly):  "Daddy!!!  Come quick!"

My heart skipped a beat as I immediately jumped up and ran into the bathroom where I was greeted by my daughter standing in the tub, bending over - showing me her bum.

Me:  "Wha...what happened?!?"

Sammi:  "I fell over and broke my butt.  See?  It's got a crack in it!"  At which point she fell back into the tub with a splash, laughing uncontrollably.


  1. LOL! That really did make me 'laugh out loud!'. :0)

  2. Hello, I came upon your blog via the Best Posts of the Week blog, and became a new follower! Your daughter is so humorous; you must be a proud father!

  3. Very funny! Cracked me up!

  4. I could not stop laughing......any plans to be a drama actor?

  5. Such a cute age!! May we find laughter in each day! :)


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