July 20, 2011

Mmm, Mmm Good!

One night after getting off of work, I was in a real hurry to get home, feed the kids and get Sammi to Girl Scouts on time.  Instead of cooking dinner like I usually do, I opened a can of chicken noodle soup, dumped it into a bowl and heated it up in the microwave for her. 

Sammi (enthusiastically):  “I used to think you were a terrible cook, but that was the best dinner you've ever made!”

July 18, 2011


I was watching a Talent competition on the television with Samantha and her two older brothers one night and a male contestant in drag came on wearing a sequined dress and high heals.  My son’s both started laughing and jeering saying boys shouldn’t dress like girls.  Sammi immediately silenced her brothers.

“You shouldn’t make fun of people just because they are different!” she scolded. “Maybe he just dresses like that because it makes him happy. Besides, I think his dress is beautiful.”

I gave the boys a look to reinforce what Sammi had just said.  Realizing that they were wrong, they both muttered their apologies.

Sometimes even the youngest can teach us a little about tolerance.

July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday

Last year on my birthday, I was in the bathroom shaving and looking in the mirror for new wrinkles and other tell-tale signs that 'Father Time' was catching up with me.  Sammi was sitting on the edge of the tub watching me.

Me:  “Today is my birthday honey.  Do I look like I’m getting old to you?”

She carefully looked me up and down for a few minutes and finally said, “Yes, and you look like you’re getting fatter too...”

July 11, 2011


I was watching TV one night when Sammi cam in the room holding a card game in her hands.

Sammi:  “Let’s play cards Daddy.”

Me:  “Wait until my show ends Honey.  It’s almost over.”

Sammi looked at the television for a minute with a frown on her face.

Sammi:  “I can’t watch this, it’s inappropriate for me.”

Me:  “The show is almost over.  Why don’t you go play for awhile and when it’s over, we will play cards.”

Sammi:  “So you would rather watch a show that is inappropriate than play cards with your only daughter?!?”

I never did find out how that show ended.  I also lost the card game.  :)

July 5, 2011

Bad Luck

Sammi was talking to her brother (Connor) in the backseat of the car.

Sammi:  “Connor, you know you should never open an umbrella in the car because it’s bad luck.”

Connor:  “That’s not true.  It’s an old wives tale.”

Sammi:  “It is too true!  It’s bad luck!”

Connor:  “Okay genius, why is it bad luck to open an umbrella in the car?”

Sammi:  “It’s bad luck because when I did it last week, Daddy yelled at me and told me to put it away.”

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