August 29, 2011

Music Critic

I was listening to the radio this past weekend singing loudly while I cleaned the kitchen.  Sammi came into the room, sat down at the table and watched me for awhile.

Sammi:  "You have a really good voice Daddy."

Me (flattered):  "You think so?"

Sammi:  "Oh yeah.  You have a great voice for talking - just not for singing."

Me:  "Oh..."

Sammi:  "Yeah - I'm sorry, but you are a terrible singer."  She held up her stuffed, pink monkey, "Even my monkey thinks so..."


  1. Ha ha,I adore Sammi! Nothing like getting a kick of reality from a young un.

    The lil man always says to me in his best Simon Cowell voice, "I like you but it's a no from me."

  2. I failed the singing test to get into my primary school choir and will never forget the teacher Mr.Beazer who ran the choir I couldn't be in. Holding a grudge after all this time? Yes definitely. oh dear I must get over it. Sammi is a cool kid.

  3. That is great. :) Simon Cowell should get a monkey too so he can say "even monkey thinks so."


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