August 16, 2011


One day I was driving to the store with my kids in the car.  I was flipping between radio stations trying to find a good song.  One station was playing a song that I liked so I cranked it up and started to sing along.

Son #1:  “What station is this?!?”

Me:  “It’s the Beatles.”

Son #2:  “We know it’s the Beatles.  What station is it?”

Me:  “The ‘oldies’ station.”

Both boys rolled their eyes in unison and started cracking up.

Son #1:  “The oldies station?!?  Oh my God – turn it to something good!”

Son #2 (grabbing his chest and faking a heart attack):  “I can’t take it… Your music sucks so bad – it’s killing me!”

Sammi (chastising her brothers):  “Don’t make fun of Daddy’s music!  He just likes the oldies station because he’s old!  He’s kind of like an ‘oldie’ too.  Aren’t you Daddy?”

Me:  “Um, yeah…”

I looked in the mirror and my boys were both staring at me with big grins on their faces.

Son #1:  “We’re sorry Dad, we forgot how old you are.”

Son #2:  “Yeah, we’re sorry oldie – oops, I mean Daddy.”


  1. hahahhah! u have funny kids :)

  2. I love the Fred Sandford fake heart attack! Classic.

    Seems like you may have to change the name of the blog to All My Kids Are Funny? (...Or maybe All My Kids Are Mean?) ;D

    Enjoy your day old timer!

  3. My kids are young adults and continue to laugh at us oldies, music, fashion oh and that we were alive before colour tv and remotes.

  4. In a couple of years when your daughters gets to your age her kids will be saying the same thing... I like how this whole parenting things works. :)

  5. Thanks for all the comments! :)

  6. so cute!! I love it! In my class of three, and four year olds, when we practice "How old are you?" I often say "100" because I don't like to say my age, and for them 28 is about the same thing as 100.

  7. Ya gotta' love those kids! lol I just stopped by from BPOW to say hi!

  8. I am 41 and have recently have added to my team at work a 27 and 20 year old and I am pretty sure they are having the same conversation in their heads whenever we talk about music or movies!

  9. Oh, I've heard that, too, from my own kids. It funny how quickly songs become oldies now. Enjoyed the post!

  10. This post is so cute! I think it's funny what constitutes an "oldie" these days. I hear radio DJs calling songs from the 1990s old. Just stopping by to say hello from Best Posts of the Week. -Lola from Lolarati and Buddhatropolis


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