September 22, 2011

Little Pink Monkey (Part 2)

Last week I was getting Sammi ready for school and I noticed that her backpack looked really full.  I picked up the backpack and opened it.  Besides her school papers and Little Pink Monkey (of course), the backpack contained several extra school snacks, a deck of cards, a stuffed bunny, several story books and an extra pair of Sammi's shoes.

Me:  "Uhhh...  Sammi, do you want to come here and explain all this stuff in your backpack?"

Sammi (looking in her backpack like she doesn't see anything out of the ordinary): "What do you mean?"

Me:  "What do I mean?  What is all this stuff?  Look, you've got tons of extra fruit snacks in here and..."

Sammi:  "Well I had to bring all the extra fruit snacks because Little Pink Monkey had been getting very hungry in the backpack so he was sneaking out during snack time at school and taking everyone's snacks."

Me:  "I guess that makes sense.  We don't want him starving or taking other people's snacks.  But why are you bringing the bunny?"

Sammi:  "I had to bring Bunny because Little Pink Monkey was getting really lonely all by himself in the backpack - besides, he couldn't play cards all by himself."

Me (trying to keep a straight face):  "Okay, I understand the snacks and the bunny and the cards.  I'm guessing the books are for both of them to read in the backpack..."

Sammi (interrupting): "Yeah, if they don't have books to read, they sneak out at recess and go crazy."

Me:  "So what's the deal with the shoes?"

Sammi:  "I just love those sandals and I'm going to wear them at Grandma's house after she picks me up from school today."

Me:  "Ohhh...  I thought that they had something to do with Little Pink Monkey too."

Sammi:  "Well - he has been sneaking out and nibbling on everyone's shoes in class during reading time, so I also brought the extra shoes in case he might want to nibble on them instead."

My daughter seems to have turned into a little girl version of Calvin and Hobbes.

            Sammi and 'Little Pink Monkey'


  1. Oh, my. You totally have your hands full!

  2. I love this part 2 - By now you can write a book, I'm sure you'll your success.

  3. Oh my gosh! Calvin and Hobbes is so amazing. There are worse things your daughter could aspire to be, for sure.

  4. She's very pragmatic (and creative) in her reasoning! You do have your hands full.

  5. Thank all! I do have my hands full, but I really enjoy 'playing along' when she's stretching her imagination. :)

  6. krouth,

    Very nice to follow your discoveries and adventures with your dear daughter.

    Thank you for visiting my Blog and leaving your very kind comments.
    I have added your Blog, to follow!


  7. I love your blog Krouth. How did you get "Links to this post" after each post. Is that a Widget that I've missed somehow?

  8. I adore this anecdote ! lol A child with such an imagination will go far :)

  9. @Greg Scott: Not sure, but I think the widget you're looking for is called Linkwithin.

  10. Ha! Just read both Part I and Part II of the Little Pink Monkey adventures... so cute as always! And your observation about her turning into a girl version of Calvin and Hobbs is perfect lol!


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