September 29, 2011

Stranger Danger

Recently I was trying to talk to Sammi about strangers while she sat at the table coloring a picture.

Me:  "So, do you ever talk to strangers when you're not with one of your parents?"

Sammi:  "Nope.  NEVER talk to strangers."

Me:  "Okay then - what if an old man comes up and asks you to help him find his lost puppy - do you help him?"

Sammi:  "Yes."

Me:  "Sammi!  No - that's a stranger - you shouldn't talk to strangers!"

Sammi:  "An old man looking for a puppy isn't a stranger."

Me:  "If you don't know who he is..."

Sammi (interrupting):  "Daddy, his puppy is lost!  Poor little puppy."

Me:  "But..."

Sammi:  "What if you had a cute little puppy that was lost and nobody would help you find him?  Poor little cute puppy!"

Me:  "But I'm not a stranger!"

Sammi:  "Exactly!"

Me (trying to regain control of the conversation):  "Okay Sammi, can you tell me what a 'stranger' looks like then?"

Sammi:  "Sure.  Strangers look like pirates."

  "Arrr!  I be a stranger Matey!"


  1. You know what? I probably would have said something similar!

  2. ...If only bad people had a tell, like an eye patch and parrot...

    Innocent cuteness and a sad commentary on society all in one post.

  3. I love the way little ones think, although it's not the safest way!

  4. Thanks Sammi now I realise that all the pirates I meet are strangers and not to be trusted now I am wondering is there such a person as a good pirate?
    Great thinking.

  5. The 'old man with a puppy' scenario is the same one my parents used when I was young to teach me about strangers. Funny how I have never come across an old man looking for a lost puppy in my whole life... :)


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