September 6, 2011

Very Yucky!

Sammi:  "What are you making for dinner Daddy?"

Me:  "Teriaki chicken."

Sammi (looking confused):  "What did you say you're making?"

Me (enunciating):  "Teri-aki chicken."

Sammi:  "Really???"

Me:  "Yep."

A few minutes later I heard Sammi talking to her brother.

Sammi:  "Guess what?!?  Daddy said he's making Very-Yucky Chicken for dinner tonight..."


  1. According to the Lil man, I have to 'follow' you multiple times because you're blog is that funny. He's even given me tips on how to make multiple accounts in order to do so!

    Oh and apparently, it's much MUCH better than mine, so I guess that now makes us mortal enemies! :0)

  2. Wow! I've never had a nemesis before... :)
    In the Lil man's defense, Sammi doesn't think my blog is funny at all. She's only tentatively given me permission to use her sayings in my blog (the permission almost got revoked after she read the post about her bum slipping in the toilet and touching the water).

  3. Another post that's made me smile. Thanks. :)

  4. Well? Was she right??

    Have a great day!!!


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