October 27, 2011

Stars (for Sammi)

I posted this poem on my other blog, but I like how it turned out so I thought I'd share it with you here as well...

“We live beneath the stars.”
Father always said.
As he kissed me goodnight
and tucked me into bed.

“They watch down over us
as we sleep and as we dream.”
“Flowing through the night sky
like water in a stream.”

“But why?” asked I.

“Can’t I reach up
into the night and feel?”
“I want to hold them in my hands
so I know that they are real.”

“I want to grab the stars and clutch
 so tightly on to them.”
“Like they were a precious rock,
or a sparkly gem…”

“Silly girl,” Father said
as he smiled down at me.
“You cannot collect the stars
like pretty shells from the sea.”

“Now hush my precious little girl,
not another peep.”
“Lay your head down and close your eyes
it is time for you to sleep.”

After Father had left
and turned off all the lights -
came a glow from under my pillow
so brilliant and so white.

A star I had grabbed earlier,
lay twinkling on my bed.
I smiled - then slept
with it tucked underneath my head.

October 26, 2011


I was at the mall recently with Sammi and we stopped at the 'food court' to get some lunch.  While we were sitting there eating, she dropped some of her french fries on the ground.  She immediately bent over, picked them up and popped a couple of them in her mouth.

Me:  "Oh gross!  Did you just eat those fries off of the floor?!?"

Sammi:  "Yep."

Me:  "That's disgusting!  Why would you eat food off of the ground like that?"

Sammi:  "Five second rule - duh."

Me:  "Sammi, the five second rule isn't real.  You should never eat food off of the ground."

Sammi:  "Why not?  The floor isn't dirty."

Me:  "Because it's covered with germs!!!"

Sammi shrugged, popped a few more of the 'contaminated' fries into her mouth and said:  "I can't taste any germs..."

October 24, 2011

The T-Rex

The other day I overheard an argument Sammi was having with her big brother about dinosaurs.  I really should have stopped it sooner, but I was amazed at how Sammi seamlessly took control over the argument. 

Sammi:  "Can I look at your book with you?"

Connor:  "No.  It's a book about dinosaurs - girls don't know anything about dinosaurs."

Sammi:  "That's not true!  I know a lot about dinosaurs!"

Connor:  "Okay then, tell me about the Triceratops."

Sammi:  "That's the one with the long neck."

Connor:  "WRONG!  What about the Tyrannosaurus Rex???"

Sammi:  "That's the one with short arms."

Connor:  "No.  The T-Rex is the king of all the dinosaurs!"

Sammi (with a sparkle in her eye):  "He also had very short arms."

Connor:  "Yeah but he was the scariest, most ferocious dinosaur ever!"

Sammi:  "Doesn't seem very scary to me with those short little arms."

Connor (getting frustrated):  "Yeah but..."

Sammi:  "How did he brush his teeth with those short little arms?"

Connor (outraged):  "T-Rex didn't brush his teeth!!!"

Sammi:  "That's because he couldn't reach his teeth with his stubby little arms."

Connor:  "Oh my gosh!"

Sammi (mimicking a T-Rex with short arms):  "Help me!  I'm a T-Rex and I can't brush my teeth!"

Connor:  "Dad!  Please make Sammi stop teasing me!"

Me:  "Come on Sam, cut it out."

Sammi (sweetly):  "Okay Daddy." 

As she walked out of the room, she shot her brother a "look" and said:  "Maybe the T-Rex was so mean because his teeth were all rotten because he couldn't brush them with his short, stubby arms..."

<Sigh> My daughter holds a black belt in the ancient martial art known as 'teasing'.

              "Help me, I can't brush my teeth!"

October 18, 2011


One night a couple of months ago, Sammi got the flu and was very sick.  At one point during the night, she got out of bed, walked down the hall (past the bathroom), and then into my bedroom.

Sammi:  "Daddy, I have to throw up."

I jumped out of bed and scooped her up to try and get her to the bathroom, but was too late - she puked all over herself and all over me.

Sammi (crying):  "I'm sorry Daddy!"

Me:  "It's okay honey - let's get you cleaned up."

I took her clothes off and put her in a warm bath to clean her up.  I cleaned myself up the best I could as well.  I then laid Sammi down in bed and was tucking her back in.

Sammi:  "Thanks for taking care of me Daddy."

Me:  "No problem sweetie."

Sammi:  "Do you mind if I don't give you a hug and kiss goodnight?"

Me:  "Don't worry Sammi; I'm not going to get the flu."

Sammi:  "It's not that, it's just that you smell like puke."

Me:  "Oh..."

Sammi:  "Yeah, you really stink.  You've also got a piece of corn in your hair..."

Me:  "I guess I better go get washed up then."

Sammi:  "Thanks Daddy.  You were starting to gross out all my stuffed animals."

October 13, 2011

The Super Secret Diary

I was sitting down in the kitchen the other day when Sammi came stomping into the room with her big brother not far behind.

Sammi (outraged):  "Daddy!  I caught Forrest reading my diary!!!"

Me:  "You have a diary?"

Sammi (seemingly close to tears):  "Yes and it has all my personal secrets in it - and he snuck in my room and read it!!!"

Me:  "You have secrets?!?"

Sammi:  "Yes I have secrets!!!  They are all in here!!!"

I looked at the "diary" in her hand - several pieces of construction paper stapled together.  On the cover, handwritten in crayon it read:  


Me:  "Forrest, did you sneak in Sammi's room and read her diary?"

Forrest:  "Yeah.  I'm sorry."

Me:  "Don't tell me - tell your sister!"

Forrest:  "I'm sorry Sammi.  It won't happen again."

Me:  "That was an invasion of your sister's privacy.  Now go to your room until I tell you to come out and think about what you did."

After her brother dejectedly left the room, Sammi started smiling.

Sammi:  "Thank you Daddy!  That'll teach him!"

Me:  "You don't seem sad anymore..."

Sammi:  "Well, it's not like he read my real diary."

Me:  "Real diary???"

Sammi:  "Yeah.  This isn't my real diary - it's a fake!  It has fake secrets in it.  My real diary has all my real secrets in it and no one will ever find that one."

With that she skipped out of the room - happy as a clam. 

I'm really going to have to watch her when she becomes a teenager...

October 6, 2011

Bedtime Kisses

The other night Sammi came shuffling into the living room about an hour and a half after I had put her to bed.

Me:  "Hey kiddo, why are you out of bed?"

Sammi:  "I couldn't sleep."

Me:  "What's wrong?"

Sammi:  "I wanted to blow you a kiss - is that okay Daddy?"

Me (smiling):  "Ahhh...  That's so sweet honey.  Sure it's okay!"

Sammi then turned her back to me and let out the loudest most disgusting fart that I've ever heard coming out of any human - let alone my 6 year old angel.

Sammi:  "There you go Daddy - I blew you a kiss!"

With that she ran back to her bedroom laughing uncontrollably.

October 3, 2011

Revenge of the 'Kung Fu Princess'

I was downstairs doing laundry the other day.  Sammi was upstairs playing quietly with her older brother Connor.  Suddenly from upstairs, I heard the kids loudly arguing followed by Connor crying and running downstairs.

Connor:  "Dad, Sammi hit me in the head with her doll!"

Me:  "Samantha!  Come down here!"

Sammi sheepishly walks down the stairs.

Sammi:  "Yes Daddy?"

Me:  "Did you wack your brother in the head with a doll?"

Sammi:  "No.  I hit him with Princess Jasmine."

Me (sighing):  "Why did you hit your brother in the head with Princess Jasmine???"

Sammi:  "I told him I was the Kung Fu Princess, and he said that I wasn't.  I told him 'yes I was', and then he said that I could never defeat him."

Me:  "So you hit him in the head with your doll?"

Sammi:  "Princess Jasmine"

Me:  "So you hit him in the head with Princess Jasmine?"

Sammi:  "Well I am the Kung Fu Princess."

After being put in time out, the Kung Fu Princess learned a valuable lesson that every Kung Fu master must learn eventually:  Choose your battles wisely and if you must hit your big brother in the face, make sure 'Sensei-Daddy' isn't around...

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