October 6, 2011

Bedtime Kisses

The other night Sammi came shuffling into the living room about an hour and a half after I had put her to bed.

Me:  "Hey kiddo, why are you out of bed?"

Sammi:  "I couldn't sleep."

Me:  "What's wrong?"

Sammi:  "I wanted to blow you a kiss - is that okay Daddy?"

Me (smiling):  "Ahhh...  That's so sweet honey.  Sure it's okay!"

Sammi then turned her back to me and let out the loudest most disgusting fart that I've ever heard coming out of any human - let alone my 6 year old angel.

Sammi:  "There you go Daddy - I blew you a kiss!"

With that she ran back to her bedroom laughing uncontrollably.


  1. Haha, that is very cute really! Kids do the funniest things :o) I am a new follower of yours from australia, and just have to say how cool your blog is! I love it already :o)

  2. Farts are funny no matter how old you are! I'm still laughing. :D

  3. Yeah, I laughed.

    So what I'm immature!

  4. I've said it once and I'll say it again, 'my type of gal'.

    Also I'd like to commend Sammi for holding in the fart long enough to execute at exactly the right moment.
    Already, the girl's got great comic timing.

  5. Thanks all! Yeah farts never cease to be funny... :)

  6. She has a great sense of humour! How cute really!


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