October 3, 2011

Revenge of the 'Kung Fu Princess'

I was downstairs doing laundry the other day.  Sammi was upstairs playing quietly with her older brother Connor.  Suddenly from upstairs, I heard the kids loudly arguing followed by Connor crying and running downstairs.

Connor:  "Dad, Sammi hit me in the head with her doll!"

Me:  "Samantha!  Come down here!"

Sammi sheepishly walks down the stairs.

Sammi:  "Yes Daddy?"

Me:  "Did you wack your brother in the head with a doll?"

Sammi:  "No.  I hit him with Princess Jasmine."

Me (sighing):  "Why did you hit your brother in the head with Princess Jasmine???"

Sammi:  "I told him I was the Kung Fu Princess, and he said that I wasn't.  I told him 'yes I was', and then he said that I could never defeat him."

Me:  "So you hit him in the head with your doll?"

Sammi:  "Princess Jasmine"

Me:  "So you hit him in the head with Princess Jasmine?"

Sammi:  "Well I am the Kung Fu Princess."

After being put in time out, the Kung Fu Princess learned a valuable lesson that every Kung Fu master must learn eventually:  Choose your battles wisely and if you must hit your big brother in the face, make sure 'Sensei-Daddy' isn't around...


  1. Hehehe. I love Sammi the Kung Fu princess. I can imagine her with her little fighting gang, 'The Samminites', dispensing justice to annoying brothers across the globe.

    But let us not forget that violence is never the answer...er...forgot what the question was.

    Btw, technically Sammi didn't hit Connor, Princess Jasmine did and so should have also been sent to time out.

  2. This is adorable! I love how kids have to correct grown ups. "doll" was an insult for princess jasmine :)

  3. Kung Fu princess wins the day - no rules apply! or was it really foul play??

  4. Thanks for all the comments! For being such a cute, innocent-looking little girl, she sure can pack a punch when she needs to. I guess growing up with 2 big brothers will do that...
    @DCG: She always seems to win even though she's the youngest.
    @Lily: she already has Little Pink monkey in her 'Kung Fu Gang'. God help her brothers if she recruits any more 'Samminites'. :)
    @Mina: Almost all of her toys have names and seperate personalities and sometimes it's hard to keep track of who's-who in Sammi's imaginary kingdom of toys. :)
    @cuby: There is always foul play involved with the Kung Fu Princess since most of her adversaries are older and bigger.

  5. "he said that I could never defeat him"-- challenge accepted.

    I can't really fault her, you know.


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