October 24, 2011

The T-Rex

The other day I overheard an argument Sammi was having with her big brother about dinosaurs.  I really should have stopped it sooner, but I was amazed at how Sammi seamlessly took control over the argument. 

Sammi:  "Can I look at your book with you?"

Connor:  "No.  It's a book about dinosaurs - girls don't know anything about dinosaurs."

Sammi:  "That's not true!  I know a lot about dinosaurs!"

Connor:  "Okay then, tell me about the Triceratops."

Sammi:  "That's the one with the long neck."

Connor:  "WRONG!  What about the Tyrannosaurus Rex???"

Sammi:  "That's the one with short arms."

Connor:  "No.  The T-Rex is the king of all the dinosaurs!"

Sammi (with a sparkle in her eye):  "He also had very short arms."

Connor:  "Yeah but he was the scariest, most ferocious dinosaur ever!"

Sammi:  "Doesn't seem very scary to me with those short little arms."

Connor (getting frustrated):  "Yeah but..."

Sammi:  "How did he brush his teeth with those short little arms?"

Connor (outraged):  "T-Rex didn't brush his teeth!!!"

Sammi:  "That's because he couldn't reach his teeth with his stubby little arms."

Connor:  "Oh my gosh!"

Sammi (mimicking a T-Rex with short arms):  "Help me!  I'm a T-Rex and I can't brush my teeth!"

Connor:  "Dad!  Please make Sammi stop teasing me!"

Me:  "Come on Sam, cut it out."

Sammi (sweetly):  "Okay Daddy." 

As she walked out of the room, she shot her brother a "look" and said:  "Maybe the T-Rex was so mean because his teeth were all rotten because he couldn't brush them with his short, stubby arms..."

<Sigh> My daughter holds a black belt in the ancient martial art known as 'teasing'.

              "Help me, I can't brush my teeth!"


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. That is so cute.

  2. *This* will serve the grasshopper well. ;-)

  3. She might have a point.

    I wonder if David Attenborough ever thought of that.

  4. Ha! You're daughter is too funny!

  5. Thanks for the comments all! I am starting to worry about what will become of me when she becomes a teenager and I become the target for her double-edged, razor sharp wit/sarcasm... :)


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