October 18, 2011


One night a couple of months ago, Sammi got the flu and was very sick.  At one point during the night, she got out of bed, walked down the hall (past the bathroom), and then into my bedroom.

Sammi:  "Daddy, I have to throw up."

I jumped out of bed and scooped her up to try and get her to the bathroom, but was too late - she puked all over herself and all over me.

Sammi (crying):  "I'm sorry Daddy!"

Me:  "It's okay honey - let's get you cleaned up."

I took her clothes off and put her in a warm bath to clean her up.  I cleaned myself up the best I could as well.  I then laid Sammi down in bed and was tucking her back in.

Sammi:  "Thanks for taking care of me Daddy."

Me:  "No problem sweetie."

Sammi:  "Do you mind if I don't give you a hug and kiss goodnight?"

Me:  "Don't worry Sammi; I'm not going to get the flu."

Sammi:  "It's not that, it's just that you smell like puke."

Me:  "Oh..."

Sammi:  "Yeah, you really stink.  You've also got a piece of corn in your hair..."

Me:  "I guess I better go get washed up then."

Sammi:  "Thanks Daddy.  You were starting to gross out all my stuffed animals."


  1. Hahahaha! Oh Krouth, I can't wait until you write about the teenage years!!

  2. "You were starting to gross out my stuffed animals" She's funny! I like how she walked right pass the bathroom to tell you she had to throw up, she's cute! =]

  3. Brilliant. I'm circulating you on facebook. You'll both be famous!

  4. Yet another priceless entry - when does the collection get published? Your lovely Sammi is quite a star. Thanks for the chuckle.

  5. We must take care of our stuffed animals, they rarely defend themselves.

  6. @Lily: I really don't want to think about the teenage years...
    @Mina: My cat does something similar - when he has to cough up a hairball, he makes sure he walks off of the kitchen tile onto a nice soft carpet that is hard to clean...
    @Greg: Muchos gracias amigo!
    @Cuby: Not sure that'll ever happen, but it would be cool...
    @ESBoston: Especially from pukey-smelling dads.

  7. lol!!! u have one cute princess!!! Erm, u should tell her that she smell the same too :P

  8. Ahhhh, the fun of being vomited on. Your Sammi is very pragmatic. And funny!

  9. Ha!

    Way to turn a puke story into something you'll want to remember!

  10. Love it! Your daughter is such a character :o) You write so well too! I really hope you do turn this blog into a book one day ~ it would be a best-seller! :o)

  11. Nothing brings you to full alert from a dead sleep like the sound of barfing.


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