November 1, 2011


I was in the bathroom getting ready to go to work one day - shaving and brushing my hair.  Sammi was sitting next to me on the edge of the bathtub watching me.

Me:  "So how do I look?"

Sammi:  "I guess you look okay."

Me:  "Okay?  You don't think I look handsome?"

Sammi silently looked at me for a few minutes.

Sammi (with a twinkle in her eye):  "I bet if an old lady who never had a husband or a boyfriend saw you she might think you were just a tiny bit handsome."

Me (pretending to be outraged):  “An old lady?!?”

Sammi:  “Yeah, or if a blind lady has an operation and can suddenly see again and you are the first person she ever sees – then she might think you aren’t too ugly.”

Me:  “A blind lady?!?”

Sammi:  “Or maybe a lady hobo…”


  1. I think that I probably will not be calling her when I need my spirits lifted.

  2. on the bright side with a lady hobo you don't have to ask: "your place or mine?"

  3. Well you didn't say you wanted flattery, so she had to be honest. Duhh...

  4. @Bruce - Just watching her wield her "sword of sarcasm and teasing" is enough to lift my spirits.
    @Drone - A lady hobo would also be a cheap date...
    @PB - You're right - I really do need to be more specific when fishing for compliments! :)

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  6. At least it wasn't an old blind lady hobo.


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