November 14, 2011

Zombie Attack!!!

I was wrestling with my two sons on the living room floor the other day when Sammi came staggering into the room stiff-legged, groaning with her arms out in front of her with a weird, vacant look on her face.

Me:  "What's wrong with you Sam?"

Sammi:  "I'm a ZOMBIE!!!  I need BRRRRAINSSS!!!"

She stumbled over to one of her brothers and pretended to eat his brains while he gave a death-scene performance worthy of an Academy Award. 

She then shuffled over to me, grabbed my head, then stopped suddenly - shook my head - looked in my ear - knocked on my skull a couple of times and then shrugged and staggered away.

Me:  "What?  You don't want to eat my brains?"

Sammi:  "You don't have any BRRRRAINSSS..."

She then lurched for her other brother leaving her poor 'brainless' Dad sitting there on the floor - un-zombified...


  1. (fingers crossed)...Well, let's hope when it's vampire time, you'll be neck bite worthy! Until then keep shootin' for the stars Krouth. (And entertaining us with your delightful tales.) ;D

  2. Oh that is a classic!

    I hope you intend to show Sammi these one day :)

  3. Yep, even as a zombie, she's a girl alright.

    She's got great intuition!

  4. Bahaha! How's your ego, Krouth? Lucky for us, you didn't get zombified. :D

  5. Who wants to be zombiefied any how?
    Sammi has a great sense of fun.


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