December 2, 2011

Child Proof

I was cooking breakfast this morning for my kids while they were getting ready for school.

Sammi:  "I'm ready Daddy.  Can I help you?"

Me:  "Sure!  Open the bottle of vitamins and put a vitamin pill by everyone's plate."

Sammi struggled to open the bottle for a few minutes before giving up.

Sammi (frustrated):  "I can't open this!"

Me:  "I'm sorry honey let me get that for you.  I forgot that it's a 'child-proof' bottle."

Sammi:  "Child-proof bottle?"

Me:  "Yep."

Sammi was quiet for a few seconds and I could see her wheels turning.

Sammi:  "So how does the bottle know that I'm a child?"


  1. That is too cute! As is your daughter! Just visiting from BPOW,

  2. Your Sammi must make it pretty hard to have bad day. Funny!!

  3. She is hilarious! I love stopping by cause I can imagine her and she makes me laugh so much!

  4. that is adorable it really cheered me up on a dull Sunday afternoon. :)

    I'm going to follow this blog keep up the good work and check out my blog please it is about my life as a paralysed person x

  5. She is hilarious! I remember when i was small something like that happened to me. This just reminded me of my childhood. So cute. We all love our childhood because it is full of funny childish question, and fun acts. The highest place we knew was highest dad's shoulder. Our only enemies were our brothers and sister. Fun times. Now were all grown up and don't have time for remembering those good times.

  6. She's a smart lady and asks all the right questions. I like her.


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