December 21, 2011

Do as I Say - Not as I Do...

The other night I made stir fry for dinner.  When we sat down for dinner, my son Connor took one look at all the vegetables and started complaining.

Connor:  “Oh my God Dad!  This looks so gross.  I can’t eat this – I hate all these vegetables!”

Before I could say anything, Sammi jumped to my defense.

Sammi:  “Connor, that is just rude!  Daddy works very hard to make us dinner!  You didn’t even try it before you started complaining!”

Much to my surprise, Connor didn’t argue with his sister. He actually picked up his fork and started eating.

I looked over at Sammi and smiled.

Me:  “Wow.  Thanks Sam.  Now how much stir fry would you like?”

Sammi:  “Oh, I’m not having any stir fry tonight.”

Me:  “What?  Why not?”

Sammi leaned in to me and whispered:  “I’m sorry Daddy - I got Connor to eat that stuff, but it just looks too disgusting for me – I’ll just have a jelly sandwich.”


  1. Love love love, the new banner of Sammi!

  2. Fancy that, she's politically astute too! Love her to bits.

    Hey the new picture of Sammi looks great!

  3. Can I keep her??

    Hope that doesn't sound probably does but it really isn't!

    Such an endless source of interesting blog topics!

  4. Do i detect she's Daddy's favorite? I think Conner needs the odd blogpost to even things a little

  5. She is a very keen child. I can't believe she got Connor to eat it.

  6. Hee hee hee...that is awesome! Love that she worked her brother like that!


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