December 6, 2011

Sick Girl

Recently, Sammi was very sick and we found ourselves spending a few looong nights in the local Emergency Room.  On our last night in the hospital, it was well after midnight; Sammi was laying in the hospital bed - one of her little arms had an IV in it, the other had bandages where the nurses had drawn blood.  I looked over at her from my chair next to her bed and she had finally fallen asleep.  I was very weary, so I propped my feet up and leaned over to share her pillow and drifted off to sleep myself...
The next thing I remember, I was groggily awakened out of a deep sleep.  Sammi's face was just a few inches from mine.

Sammi:  "Dad... Daddy... "  

Me:  "Wha-what?"

Sammi:  "Daddy, wake up!"

Me:  "Are you okay?!?"

Sammi:  "Yeah I'm okay.  Daddy, guess what?"

Me (yawning):  "What Sweetie?"

Sammi:  "Did you know if your hand is larger than your face, you're highly intelligent?"

Me (still very groggy):  "What?"

Sammi:  "If your hand is larger than your face, you're highly intelligent. Did you know that?"

Me:  "Really?"

Sammi:  "Yeah, try it."

Sleepily I raised my hand and put it in front of my face - just in time to see her eyes light up followed by her hitting the back of my hand as hard as she could, making me slap myself in the face.

Sammi (giggling):  "I guess you're not that intelligent."

It was then that I realized that she had turned the corner and was getting better.  She was still pale and a little frail, but the spark was back...

  Sammi getting ready to get the heck outta the hospital.


  1. Aww dang! That is just so sweet.

    I miss my Dad. He was my fail-safe toy. Because he allowed himself to be, like you do with Sammi.

    Touching and excellent post. I am glad to hear she is back in her elements.

  2. Even ill, Sammi looks beautiful...and incredibly cheeky.

    Glad she is getting better. Much much, hugs and kisses from me and the Lil man. :0)

    Hope you're okay too dad!

  3. Too funny.

    I hope she's feeling better, and I hope you're ok too. I know how worrying it can be when kids get sick.

  4. My mum always said she'd rather be sick herself than have one of us kids sick. I thought that silly until my kid got sick. Good luck to you both

  5. Sorry to hear Sammi has been sick but what a delight when the sparkle came back! Ouch poor face!! and a hug for Sammi.

  6. Thanks for the great comments and your well wishes! Sammi is feeling much better. She had to practice her smile before she let me take that picture. She said she was "trying out" a new smile...

  7. :-( Sorry to hear of Sammi's great hospital adventure. I hope she's feeling fine and all at Krouth HQ is back to status quo. (Sending my good wishes)


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