December 15, 2011

Upside Down Waffles!

Sometimes it seems like Sammi loves to argue about anything.  This morning I was toasting frozen waffles for the kids’ breakfast…

Sammi:  “Why did you put the butter and syrup on the wrong side of my waffle?”

Me:  “What?”

Sammi:  “You put the butter and syrup on the wrong side of my waffle.  Why?”

Me:  “It’s not on the wrong side.”

Sammi:  “Yes it is.    

Me:  “How do you know that it’s the wrong side?”

Sammi:  “Because it’s upside down.”

Me:  “It can’t be upside down – the waffle is the same on both sides.”

Sammi:  “No it’s not – it’s upside down.”

Me:  “Okay, that’s just silly.  Eat your breakfast.”

Sammi:  “But I don’t like my waffles upside down.  I like them right-side up."

I reached over to her plate and flipped the waffle over.

Me:  “There!  Now it’s right-side up!”

Sammi:  “But Daddy!  Now my butter and syrup are on the wrong side…”

Me:  “Samantha Nicole, it is WAY too early to argue about this!”

Sammi:  “But my waffle is…”

Me:  “I do NOT want to hear another word about your waffle - PLEASE just eat your breakfast!!!”

At that time, my son Connor came shuffling into the kitchen and sat down for breakfast.

Connor:  “Good morning guys.”

Sammi leaned over to her brother and whispered very loudly while looking over at me and giving me a 'look':  “Connor, whatever you do, don’t say anything about the waffles being upside down to Daddy - he's a little grouchy this morning…

Upside-Down Waffles...


  1. Sammi, the mistress of wind ups. Hee hee.

  2. That's awesome. How dare you make upside-down waffles!!

  3. That is hilarious to me since it is happening at your house, not mine. But can she explain why she thinks they are upside-down? She must see something that makes her think that.
    Just stopped by from BPOTW

  4. I love the new header, so much more grown up now. The waffle issue is such a contentious one I am glad Sammi addressed it with such a serious approach but the question remains unresolved or does it?

  5. kids say the funniest things... :D

  6. OMG, I just had pop come out my nose. She's awesome.


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