January 11, 2012


Sammi was sitting on the floor in the living room one night playing with her stuffed pink monkey.

Me:  "Time to go get ready for bed honey."

Sammi (without looking up):  "I respectfully decline."

Me:  "What?!?"

Sammi:  "Little Pink Monkey and I respectfully decline to go get ready for bed."

Me:  "Honey, it's your bedtime."

Sammi:  "I respectfully disagree."

Me:  "You can't disagree with me - it's 8:30, that's your bedtime."

Sammi:  "I didn't disagree with you - I respectfully disagreed with you."

Me:  "Samantha Nicole - get up and get ready for bed!"

Sammi grabbed her monkey, glared at me and trudged down the hall to her room.  As she was walking away she looked at her monkey and said:  "I can't believe he's being so unreasonable - I said 'respectfully'..."


  1. LMAO, is she planning on a career in law? I love it.

  2. I believe middle names were invented just so our kids will know when we really mean it.

  3. Haha, Sammi is such a crack up! :D

  4. loved it!
    Visiting from www.mylifeasanadventure.com

  5. THAT is so cute! I love kids' minds.
    Jenn @ JustAddWaterSilly.com hopping from BPOTW

    (new follower!)

  6. @Jamie: She'd be a great lawyer - she's elevated arguing to an art form...
    @Legs: My mom used to do that and I hated it, but look at me now - I've turned into my parents... :)
    @Vee: Thanks!
    @Barbara: Thanks for visiting - come back any time - next time I'll have cookies.
    @Jennifer: Thanks for following. :)

  7. Tell Sammi respectfully she has friends in Australia now. My Facebook friends love her.

  8. I am sorry Kevin, but you were completely unreasonable! Shame on you.

  9. So this is what I get to look forward to in a few years?! :) Right now my daughter is only two and a half, so she hasn't quite learned how to respectfully object yet...

    If's funny, I named my blog before I even knew yours was out there!



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