February 29, 2012


Sitting down for dinner the other night...

Sammi:  "Gross! What is this?!?"

Me:  "It's Yakisoba."

Sammi:  "Yacka what?"

Me:  "Yakisoba - Japanese noodles."

Sammi:  "Well, whatever it's called, it looks disgusting!"

Me:  "Just try it."

Sammi:  "Oh my god! The noodles look like worms!!!"

Me (rolling my eyes):    "They're not worms."

Sammi:  "But Daddy, I hate these kind of yaka-noodles!"

Me:  "You've never had them before - just try them."

Sammi tried a microscopic bite of the noodles, made a horrible face, grabbed her throat and then started thrashing about and making gagging noises."

Me:  "Go ahead and spit it out, Drama Queen - I'll make you a sandwich."

Sammi:  "They should've just called these noodles 'yuck-isoba'..."

February 22, 2012


This Valentine's Day was Sammi's first without her Mom.  I wanted to make sure she didn't get sad, so I bought her a box of chocolates and took her and her brothers out to dinner.

Me (after we got home):  "Did you have a good Valentine's Day?"

Sammi:  "Oh yes!  You helped me make the coolest Valentine box for my class party and then I got a ton of cards and candy at the party. I also gave all my friends their Valentine's cards, I got to go out to eat with you and I got candy from both Grandma and you!  Best Valentine’s Day ever!"

Me:  "Would you like to call Mommy and wish her Happy Valentine's day?"

Sammi:  "Naw..."

Me:  "Are you sure?"

Sammi:  "Yep, I’m sure.  You know what?”

Me:  “What?”

Sammi:  “You're kinda like both a Mom and a Dad all rolled up into one person - like a big parent burrito.”

Me:  “A big parent burrito huh?  Cool.”

Sammi (hugging me):  “Thanks for taking such good care of me Daddy!"

Me:  "You're welcome sweetie!  Does this mean that I'm your Valentine this year?"

Sammi:  "No way!"

Me (pretending to be offended):  "So just who is your Valentine then?"

Sammi:  "Jake."

Me:  "Jake?"

Sammi:  "Yep.  He's my Poochie Jake."

Sammi's brother Connor (who had been listening):  "He's also your cousin stupid..."

Sammi:  "He's my favorite cousin and I love him!"

Connor started to say something else, but I silenced him with my best "Dad look".

Me:  "I thought Jake’s little sister was your favorite cousin."

Sammi:  "Not anymore.  She threw a rock at me once.  I love my Poochie Jake and he's my Valentine."

<Sigh>  My little girl has her first crush and actually felt comfortable enough to share it with me.  Maybe I am a 'parent burrito'.…

Sammi and the cool box we made to hold her Valentine cards.

February 13, 2012


My son (Forrest) was teasing me one day after I captured a spider and let it outside instead of killing it.

Forrest:  "Why didn't you just kill that spider?"

Me:  "I like spiders - just not in the house.  Besides, I think they have as much right to life as anything else in this world."

Forrest:  "Oh my god - you are such a hippie!"

Me:  "I'm not a hippie."

Sammi (jumping to my defense):  "So what if Daddy likes spiders?  That doesn't make him a hippie!  I like spiders too - am I a hippie?"

Forrest:  "No, you're just a lunatic."

Sammi (getting in her brothers face):  "Ooooh!  Look at me- I'm a hippie from the 80's!  I love spiders!"

Forrest:  "Get outta my face you psycho!"

Sammi:  "What else do hippies say Daddy?"

Me (smiling):  "Groovy baby!"

Sammi (making peace signs with her fingers and getting back in her brothers face):  "Groovy, groovy, groovy!  I'm a hippy from the 80's and I looooove spiders. GROOOOOVY BABY!!!"

Forrest (leaving the room in defeat):  "Why does she have to be such a weirdo?!?"

Sammi then plopped down beside me with a huge, triumphant grin on her face:  "I'm not really a hippy from the 80's Daddy."

Me (feigning surprise):  "You're not???"

Sammi:  "Nope.  I just really like teasing Forrest.  Besides, I would've definitely squished that spider..."

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