May 23, 2012

Career Day

The entire first grade at Sammi’s school recently had "career day".  Each child was supposed to dress up like the person they want to be when they grow up.  Sammi had a particularly hard time deciding what to wear.  She had a week to prepare, and the night before career day, she was still undecided.

Sammi:  "Daddy!  I need help!  I can't decide what to be for career day tomorrow."

Me:  "Well, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

Sammi:  "I want to be a marine biologist and a teacher and I want to write children’s books too."

Me:  "That sounds perfect!  We can get your stuffed dolphin and..."

Sammi (cutting me off):  "No.  I think I might want to be something else."

Me:  "Well you can be anything you want to be - you know that honey."

Sammi:  "I know Daddy, but Caleb in my class doesn't."

Me:  "What do you mean?"

Sammi:  "One boy said he was going to be a cook for career day and Caleb laughed at him and said boys can't be cooks."

Me:  "That's not right.  Lots of boys are cooks.  I'm a pretty good cook."

Sammi:  "That's what I said!  I told him that boys and girls can be anything they want to be!"

Me:  "What did he say to that?"

Sammi:  "Caleb just laughed at me and said there are lots of things a boy can't be - like nurses.  I got mad and told him that when I was in the hospital that I had two boy nurses AND that my doctor was a girl." 

Me:  "Way to put him in his place.  What is Mr. Caleb going to be for career day?"

Sammi:  "He's going to wear camouflage and be a soldier....  Ooh!  Now I know what I want to be for career day!"

With that, Sammi ran upstairs and came down a little while later in her nice dress with her hair tied back.

Me:  "So, who are you supposed to be?"

Sammi:  "If Caleb wants to be a soldier, then I'll be his boss - the President of the United States!"

She’s definitely got my vote.


  1. I think she could do it, she's already the boss of you :D

    1. I think she could too... She's actually the boss of the whole household - not just me. :)

  2. Oh wow! What an amazing girl. How brilliant that she feels empowered at such a young age. Well done on your parenting, Kevin. :)

  3. Way to aim high! I took a stab at becoming president once. No, wait, I tried to stab the president once. That's something you don't get a second go at.

  4. YEAH! Sammi for President!! (pumps fist in the air)

    And doesn't anyone know better than to take Sammi on? Silly boy child.

    1. Well, to be fair, most of us "boy childs" are a little dense - it takes us awhile to figure stuff out... :-)

  5. She's got my vote too. Sammi for President!


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