May 1, 2012

Chicken McButts

We were going out one night to grab a quick bite to eat and the kids were trying to figure out where they wanted to go.

Sammi:  "What about McDonald's?"

Connor (Sammi's brother):  "No!  Yuck!"

Sammi:  "But I want a Chicken McNugget Happy Meal."

Connor:  "Do you know how they make the McNuggets???"

Sammi:  "How?"

Connor:  "I better not tell you."

Sammi:  "Why not?"

Connor:  "Trust me, you don't want to know - it's too disgusting!"

Sammi:  "So what part of the chicken is the McNugget anyway?"

Connor (leaning in and whispering):  "I think it's the butt."

Sammi (laughing):  "I guess that's why they call them Chicken McNuggets.  Because nobody would want to eat Chicken McButts..."

Maybe they're not chicken butts after all...


  1. They might as well be called McButts because that's where you end up wearing them.

  2. Oh lord, that picture makes me glad I'm a vegetarian!

    1. I'm a recent convert to vegetarianism, but my kids (for the most part) are omnivores... I do try and steer them away from McDonald's and other fast food.

  3. If it tastes good, I don't care what it's called. You could call it "Giblets McSalmonella Sandwich" and it wouldn't put me off.

    1. What exactly is the 'secret sauce' on the Giblets McSalmonella Sandwich??? :)

    2. Mayonnaise left in the sun for 2 days. And it is delicious:)

    3. Hand off... Jamie does not share food:)

  4. Oh my word! I don't eat McDonalds except the fries so I am safe there.

  5. Hilarious, including the comments ^ above.
    Let's not even start with where they harvest the potatoes for the fries...lmao!


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