May 14, 2012


Sammi LOVES to tease her big brother Connor.  Connor is usually kind of grumpy in the morning, which makes him especially susceptible to his little sister's teasing when he first gets up.

The other morning, Sammi was already at the table eating her breakfast when Connor finally stumbled into the room.

Me:  "Good morning Connor."

Connor (barely audible):  "Morning."

Sammi looked at her grumpy brother for a minute as he sat down at the table.  She then took a big bite of cereal and with her mouth full said, "Good morning Connor!!!"

Connor:  "Sammi!  Shut your mouth when you talk - that's so gross!"

Sammi filled her mouth with another huge bite of cereal and said:  "I'm sorry Connor; I don't understand what you're talking about."  As she spoke, cereal flew out of her mouth all over the table.

Connor:  "Oh my god!  Now you’re spraying the table with Rice Krispies!  Dad, please make her stop!!!"

Me:  "Come on Samantha - cut it out."

Sammi:  "I'm sorry daddy.  I must have accidentally had some food in my mouth when I told Connor good morning.  I was just trying to be a good sister - he didn't need to yell at me."

Me:  "Just don't do it again.  Okay?"

Sammi:  "Okay Daddy."  She then turned to her brother with a big smile on her face:  "Hey Connor, do you like seafood?"

Connor:  "I am not going to answer that question - I know what you're going to do!"

Sammi (innocently):  "What?!?  I just wanted to know if you like to eat fish and lobster. You know - seafood. What’s the big deal???  I like seafood."

Connor:  "Yes, I guess I like seafood..."

Sammi:  "Okay then- here's your seafood!"  With that, she opened her mouth and showed her brother all the chewed up food on her tongue.  "SEE FOOD?"

Connor:  "DAD!!!"
Did you say seafood?!?


  1. Awesome sugar and spice and all things nice hahaha

  2. I've got to admit, that I do that ALL the time to Spawn.

    Nothing says 'mature mother', than blasting your irate child with a mouthful of chewed up food.

    I think I hear CPS knocking at my door.

    1. Yeah, I'm pretty sure she learned most of her "tricks" from me.

  3. Sammie is really going to enjoy pulling strings when she grows up. I see her as a CEO in a Forbes 500 company.

  4. Hahaha!! I should have seen that coming but did not!

    1. At the time I saw it coming as well, but I kept quiet to see what would happen. ;)

  5. Ahhhhh, memories of my cousin and I growing up:)

  6. I wonder if I infuriated my older brother like that! Sammi is too funny!! :D

  7. That's funny! There's an award for you on my blog.

  8. hmmm I do have a version of that, strange. I kinda tell people all the time I am on a seafood diet ... uh-huh, when I see food, I eat. :)


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