July 3, 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Idiot Hunter

I took my kids to see the Disney movie "Brave" on Sunday.  While we were waiting in line to buy our tickets, 2 teenage girls in front of us (maybe 13 or 14 years old) were talking about the movie "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter".

Girl 1: "I heard that they based that movie on a real guy."

Girl 2: "Duh.  He was like the President or something a long time ago..."

Girl 1: "Yeah, but there weren't real vampires though - they added that part to the movie to make it more interesting."

Sammi looked at both girls, shook her head and muttered out loud, "Oh my God..."

I tried to hush her, but that seemed to make her speak louder, "Seriously???  Dad, did you hear those girls talking about Abraham Lincoln?!? They must be idiots!"

I gave Sammi a few dollars and shooed her away, "Hey, I’ve got a good idea - why don't you go wait over by the games with your brothers?"

As Sammi ran off, the girls watched her go then looked back at me.  They both looked somewhat annoyed.

I smiled at them, shrugged and said, "Well, she's got a pretty good point..."

The girls both turned back around in a huff and didn't say another word.


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