August 27, 2012

Dice Fight!!!

Sammi:  "Daddy?  Can we play Dice Fight?"

Me:  "Sure.  What's Dice Fight?"

Sammi:  "It's a really, really fun game that I just now invented."

Me (sitting down on the floor next to her):  "Sounds great!  How do you play?"

Sammi:  "Oh, it's easy!  Let's just start playing.  You'll catch on."

Sammi pulled out a lopsided cardboard cube that was held together by lots of scotch tape.  She had drawn the 'dice dots' on the cube so it made a perfect home-made die.

Sammi:  "First we roll to see who goes first."

I rolled a five and Sammi rolled a four.

Sammi:  "I got a four!  I go first!"

Me:  "So... The highest number doesn't go first?"

Sammi:  "Not this time."

Me:  "Why?"

Sammi (rolling her eyes):  "Because I got a four. That's why."

Sammi rolled again:  "Awesome - I rolled a two!  You know what that means?"

Me:  "Uhhh...  No."

Sammi:  "DICE FIGHT!"

With a terrifying scream, Sammi lunged at me - punching, kicking, spinning and laughing.  Bruce Lee, on his best day, never landed as many punches as my daughter did in that moment.  I started laughing and held her down and started tickling her.

Sammi:  "No tickling allowed Daddy!  You lose your turn."

Me:  "Oh, okay.  Sorry."

Sammi:  "That's okay - you just need to follow the rules."

Me:  "But I don't know the..."

Sammi (cutting me off):  "Oh cool- I rolled a four!  You know what that means?"

Me:  "I don't know - what?"

Sammi:  "DICE FIGHT!!!"

Sammi flew at me again.  She looked like the Tasmanian Devil from the old Loony Tunes cartoons - spinning, kicking and punching.  I felt like I was on a blind date with Chris Brown.

After a few minutes of fighting and wrestling and laughing, Sammi declared that it was now my turn.  I rolled the die and got a six.

Me:  "Hey, hey, hey! Look at that!  I got a six!"

Sammi (shaking her head):  "Sorry Daddy.  That means you lose a turn."

Me:  "Lose my turn?  Just because I rolled a six?"

Sammi (snatching the die from my hand):  "Duh!"

Sammi:  "Ooooh...  I just rolled a one - you know what that means???"

Me:  "Dice fight?"

Sammi (laughing):  "No silly!  It means - FREE TUMMY PUNCH!!!"

Sammi swung as hard as she could at my stomach.  Unfortunately, her aim was a few inches too low and her little fist connected to my 'mommy-daddy buttons' like Rocky Balboa hitting a side of frozen beef...

As I crumpled to the floor and curled into the fetal position, my sweet little daughter laughed at me and jumped up.

Sammi (stepping over my crumpled body):  "I win!!!  That was sooo much fun!  I'm gonna go get a snack and then we can play again - okay Daddy?"

Me (trying to remain conscious):  "...ok sweetie..."

August 10, 2012

We Are Young

The other day I was driving Sammi to school.  It was the first day of 2nd grade and she was very excited.  She was wearing her new school clothes and her new backpack and she was holding (of course) her stuffed pink monkey.

We were listening to the radio and the song "We Are Young" by Fun came on.  We both started loudly singing along - especially during the chorus.

Me (singing):  "We are young! So let's set the world on fire we can grow brighter..."

Sammi (who had stopped singing):  "Uh, Dad?"

Me (oblivious):  "...than the su-unn!"

Sammi:  "DADDY!"

Me (turning the radio down):  "What is it Honey?"

Sammi:  "You really shouldn't be singing this song."

Me:  "Why?  Is my singing that bad?"

Sammi:  "Nooo...  Your voice isn't too terrible."

Me:  "What is it then?"

Sammi:  "Well, me and Pink Monkey can sing it, 'cause we ARE young.  But you're way too old, so you shouldn't sing it."

Me:  "So I can't sing that song because I'm too old?"

Sammi:  "Maybe if there was a song called 'We Are Old' - then you could sing that one..."

Me  (pretending to be upset):  "Ouch!  I guess I really don't beat you enough do I?"

Sammi (grabbing her school bag and getting out of the car):  "Silly Daddy.  You know you're not tough enough to beat me."

I gave her a kiss and told her to have a great first day of school.  She started to walk away - stopped - turned around and ran back to me, jumping into my arms.

Sammi (hugging me tightly and whispering into my ear):  "I love you Daddy.  I was just kidding - you can sing that song if you want."

Me:  "Wow thanks Sweetie - but I knew you were just kidding."

Sammi started walking back towards the school when she turned around one last time.

Sammi (smiling):  "You are still pretty old though."

Thanks to the dudes over at Dude Write this week who saw fit to award me these "Man Cards" for this post.  Check out their blog where you can find some excellent posts by other "dude-bloggers".

August 7, 2012

I'm back!

Thought you got rid of me didn't you?  Well, the past few months have kinda been a crazy time personally for my family and I haven't had a lot of time for writing on either of my blogs, but after this recent hiatus, I just wanted to let you know that I am back.  
I will be back to my posting schedule starting again tomorrow.  Thanks for sticking with me.

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