September 7, 2012

Justin Bieber

After picking Sammi up a while back from a sleepover with several of her friends:

Me:  "So, how was your sleepover?"

Sammi:  "It was AWESOME!  We camped in the backyard, stayed up late and told scary stories, ate a lot of snacks and listened to music - but guess what?"

Me:  "What?"

Sammi:  "All the other girls just wanted to listen to Justin Bieber."

Me:  "I guess that makes sense, he is pretty popular with little girls..."

Sammi:  "But I HATE Justin Bieber!"

Me:  "Yeah I know that, but..."

Sammi (cutting me off):  "I asked them if they could play some Bob Marley, the Beatles or even Queen - but they didn't even know who I was talking about! Can you believe that?"

Me (in mock outrage):  "Wow, you're right!  I can't believe that a bunch of six and seven year old girls would rather listen to Justin Bieber than to some dead singers from a long time ago..."

Sammi:  "But Dad - who doesn't know who Bob Marley is?!?  Buffalo Soldier?  Three Little Birds?  C'mon, seriously?"

Me:  "Well Sweetie, I think the reason you listen to and like the music you do, is because that's what Daddy listens to and likes.  It's what you've been exposed to.  Does that make sense?"

Sammi (still shaking her head):  "Yeah I guess...  I still had a really fun time at the sleepover though."

Me:  "Great!"

Sammi:  "But I will never agree that Justin Bieber is a good singer. Ever."

Me:  "Me either honey.  Me either."


  1. Oh Sammi, you are a GODDESS!♥

  2. I love that some of us take the time to teach our kids about "real" music. My kids LOVE Queen. Cute story, as always.

    1. We jammed to Bohemian Rhapsody on the way to school today. :)

  3. Sammi and her dad have great taste in music.

  4. Genius. Same reason I love Dire Straits...

  5. I remember seeing the Rolling Stones in concert (this was during the bubble gum pop years) and bring so proud!!! That's so cool you are teaching your daughter about all types of music!!

  6. I gotta tell ya, a lesson on liking something because that's what you've been exposed to, seems so simple when framed in Beibs vs. Beatles terms, but what a valuable lesson for life. If more people got it the world would be such a nicer place. Parenting Gold Star, Kevin!


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