November 8, 2012

Puppy Dog Eyes

A few weeks ago, Sammi and her friend Kayla were playing upstairs in Sammi's room.  I was sitting in the living room when they both came downstairs.

Sammi:  "Daddy, can Kayla and I have some cookies?"

Me:  "Not now honey, it's almost dinner time."

Sammi:  "But Daddy - we are having a picnic with our dolls upstairs and we need cookies."

Me:  "No Samantha, you will spoil your appetite."

Sammi looked at me with her big brown eyes - so full of the innocence and wonderment of childhood...

Sammi (in her syrupy, sweetest little girl voice):  "Please Daddy - I don't get to play with Kayla very much and we just need a few cookies for our dolly-picnic."

Me (crumbling):  "Oh sure.  Just get a 'few' cookies though, and you have to promise to eat your dinner."

Sammi jumped up and kissed my cheek.  "Thanks Daddy!  You're the best!"

Sammi and Kayla ran into the kitchen to get their cookies.

My son Forrest, who had been sitting on the loveseat reading looked up at me and rolled his eyes.

Forrest:  "Really?!?"

Me:  "What?"

He didn't reply, he just shook his head and went back to his magazine.

A few seconds later I saw the girls running up towards Sammi's room with more than just a 'few' cookies.

Kayla:  "I'm surprised your Dad let us have these cookies right before dinner."

Sammi:  "I'm not.  I just gave him my 'puppy dog eyes'.  Works every time..."

Forrest (laughing under his breath):  "Sucker."

This week's post is being submitted to the weekly Dude Write blogging thingy (I think that's the official name).  You should go over there right now and check out some really good "dude writers".  I'm not kidding - get over there and check it out.  Seriously dude, why are you still here?  Don't make me pull this car over...


  1. In hindsight, I can see that - but that still won't help me next time she decides to use her "puppy dog eyes - Jedi mind control" on me...

  2. I've heard how little girls wrap their daddies around their little fingers. It must be true. I only had a boy but I'd probably fall for puppy dog eyes too.

    1. Let's hope she never uses the puppy dog look for evil... She could end up taking over the world. :)

  3. Kids can make their parents do almost anything, it's the natural order of things. Also, you, sir - are a sucker! But a sucker blessed with great kids.

  4. Doh! Yeah, I musy admit as a father of two girls, I too have fallen prey to those eyes myself more than once. One time when my eldest daughter Amanda was 5, I caught her practicing her "puppy-dog-look" in the mirror... caught her red-handed. Didn't save me.

    Fun read Kevin.

  5. Oh Yes I do remember being the Sucker when the Daughter was little, come to think of it I did just get back from moving her to Texas for a year, I think I may have been taken once again.

  6. Father's are guilty for all that they eventually suffer as husbands. We teach our daughter's how to manipulate men; they practice it on their boyfriends, and then control their husbands.

  7. We don't have girls, so I've never had to deal with the puppy dog eyes. But I suspect that I wouldn't fare much better than you did. However, my youngest son has recently decided that everything that we ask him to do is up for negotiation. He says it's all about some nonsense they're teaching him in school about democracy or something?

  8. My puppy always uses the puppy dog eyes on me, and it also works :)

  9. I'm the same with my daughter - I've never been able to deny her anything.

  10. Little girls bewilder us with those eyes. My sons who are older than my daughter are similar to yours not only in the "sucker" way but also the "really? (I never would have gotten cookies)" way.



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