December 3, 2012

For the Birds

Me:  What are you reading there honey?"

Sammi:  "A book called Incredible Bird Facts that I got at the library today."

Me:  "Sounds great!  Tell me an incredible bird fact."

Sammi:  "Did you know that all parrots are named Polly?"

Me:  "Really?  You didn't read that in your book did you?"

Sammi:  "No. I haven't got to the parrot chapter yet - but it's true."

Me:  "So how do you know that all parrots are named Polly?"

Sammi:  "Have you ever heard anyone say, 'Mary want a cracker?' No.  It's always Polly."

Me (amused):  "Hmmm...  I guess I never thought much about parrot names.  Do you have any other incredible bird facts?"

Sammi:  "Sure!  Did you know that birds who eat fried chicken are cannibals?"

Me (laughing):  "I didn't know that a bird who ate another bird would be considered to be a cannibal."

Sammi:  "Yeah - except for eagles."

Me:  "That's because they are carnivorous right?"

Sammi:  "No.  Because eagles are awesome. They can eat anything they want."

Me:  "Let me guess - you didn't read about cannibal birds in your book either?"

Sammi:  "No.  For a book called Incredible Bird Facts, it's really not very incredible.  I could write a much better book with really incredible bird facts!"

Me:  "Now that's a book that I'd love to read."


  1. Haha! 'Sammi's Book Of Cannibalistic Birds'. I can see it flying off the book pun intended. :)

  2. I'm with you that would be a good book to read, she could call it "Eagles Are Awesome" because I know the facts she comes up with will be simply amazing.

  3. Eagles ARE awesome. Everybody knows.

    1. I don't know how to tell you this, but... I think you might have caught the Leibster that I have. I didn't realize it was so contagious. sorry

  4. I'd love to read the book only Sammi could write--Reeeally Incredible Bird Facts!

    1. The book wouldn't be 100% accurate, but it would be entertaining!

  5. Another great post!

    I sort of fancy myself an eagle...


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